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Client: Personal
Role: Direction, Animation, Writing, Character Design

“The Prune” tells the story of Jenny, a 6-year old plum girl living in a perfect plum community. One night, Jenny finds a wrinkle on her face and is faced with the decision of a brief life as a plum or the shriveled eternal existence of becoming a prune. “The Prune” is a dark tale that explores feelings of alienation in a plum community where wrinkles are frowned upon.

"The Prune" is a six-minute stop motion film created by Mike Healey over an 7-month span. Beginning in October of 2008, the film's numerous sets and puppets were fabricated over four months. By May 2009, over 7,500 frames of animation were shot. The film was an official selection of the 2010 Delray Beach Film Festival and the 2010 First Run Festival, where it was chosen as a Wasserman Finalist.

Written, Directed and Animated by: Mike Healey
Narrator: James Anderson
Original Score: Steven Gutheinz
Production Designer: Kimberly Souza
Art Director: Mike Healey
Art Assistant: Kassondra Guerra
Director of Photography: Mike Healey
Editor: Mike Healey
Additional Puppets: Kelly Goeller