e: info@kneeon.tv p: 646.416.6341
Client: Jotun / Metingursoy PR
Role: Concept, Direction, Animation

Metingursoy PR approached us with a crazy concept: to take an abandoned factory in Istanbul and transform it into a pixel factory party for their paint company client, Jotun. They wanted us to create a short film and 45 minutes of live animated visuals for the event in just 4 short weeks. Working with Kickpixel, we created this 5 minute animated short film. The animation was done using a mix of frame-by-frame sprite animation in Photoshop and After Effects.

The film and live visuals were projection mapped onto a giant tiled pixel wall in the factory space. The tiles were painted at the party by models, who walked down the runway and handed the painted tiles off to dwarves on the stage. The dwarves affixed the tiles onto rotating columns and turned the columns to create a physical artwork of the first frame of the film. We were flown out for the event and did some live 8-bit sound effects for the performance aspect of the project. Over 1200 people attended the event.

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Directed by: //kneeon
Produced by: Greencard Pictures and //kneeon
Executive Producer: Max Knies
Animation: //kneeon and Zack Williams
Design: Kickpixel
Written by: Mike Healey and Matt Berk
Sound Design and Music: Nick LaGrasta
VO Actors: Dora Bakan, Emir Sarisac
VO Recording: Ilker Rukan
Additional Animation: Robin Comisar, Spencer Morin, Michael Herbert, Austin Henderson
Commissioned by Jotun Turkey and Metingursoy PR
Live Visual Mixing: Dawn of Man
Additional Music from: Contra 3: The Alien Wars - "Stage 1: The Streets of Neo City"